My first time getting Lip Fillers!

I am so excited to share my experience and let you know that I finally got lip fillers for the first time! I’ve always wanted to do it and not because it was a trendy thing to do but because I wanted to add more volume to my lips. I always wanted to see how the whole process is. So here is my story…

As I walked in the Parfaire Medical Aesthetics– that’s where I got my lippies done. I was second guessing my decision on getting fillers. I was so nervous walking into Parfaire I almost talked myself out of it. But I calmed my nerves and walked through those doors. 

Let me start of my saying that I started following Parfaire Medical Aesthetics for a long time now. I loved the before and afters I saw on the website and Instagram. It was only months later that I reached out to them and ask and scheduled the lip fillers procedure!

I talked to a few of my girlfriends who have done lip fillers and wanted to hear their experience and how they loved it. I spoke to a few girls and I remember hearing that the experience was painful. Once I heard that, I freaked out. I cannot handle pain, at all. I’m afraid of needles and blood makes me cringe. 

So going into my appointment, I came in the office and filled out a form. This is your basic form- info, allergies, questions, concerns, etc. 

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Once I sat in the chair in the procedure room, I was so nervous. That’s probably what I told Dr. Moses after I introduced myself. Dr. Moses reassured me not to be nervous. She was AMAZING at calming my nerves. We had a consultation before the injections happened. She looked at my lips and told me exactly where she was going to inject the dermal filler. 

She gave me a few options on what kind of dermal filler there are and she recommended me the Versa + Dermal Filler. 

Once we went over that, she numbed my lip area. That numbing cream was so strong , my tongue felt it too. Haha. We waited for about 10 mins until the numbing cream was in full effect. She started to insert the needle in my areas she told me she was going to during our consultation and that was the moment I was so nervous for. But honestly, I overwhelmed myself with this worry- the pain was so tolerant. The needling going into my skin felt like a little shock just for a second and after that, I didn’t feel anything else at all. 


After she added the lip fillers, she asked how it looked and if I wanted to add more. Since it was my first time doing anything to my face and lips. I wanted to do the bare minimum. So we only did half a syringe and I’m happy that’s what we did. I would rather gradually plump the lips than doing it all big at once and making it completely noticeable and having that drastic change. 



After that she added an ointment on my lips and gave me a few ice packs for the road. 

I had a meeting right after the appointment, she did such an amazing job at making sure there was minimal swelling and no bruising. And if I’m being honest- there was absolutely no bruising and no swelling. There was just a little bit of stiffness. And that was totally normal. Since this was my first time getting them done I wasn’t sure what to expect. The next few days were so easy, I had no swelling and a tiny little bruise that wasn’t even noticeable on day 3, which went away on day 5. 

I am amazed at how easy the during and post treatment was. I’m absolutely grateful that I found Parfaire Medical Aesthetics and for Dr. Moses. She truly did an amazing job! I can’t wait for my next appointment with her!

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I absolutely love the plump and volume I now have in my lips. Even know its such a small difference and honestly no one noticed the difference. I am so happy with the result.

THINGS I WISHED I KNEW BEFORE… I received a packet of instructions after the appointment. It is things I wish I would of known before going into my appointment. 

7 Days Before treatment : 

Avoid blood thinning over-the-counter medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen and Aleve. Avoid herbal supplements, such as Garlic, Vitamin E, Omega-3 capsules. 

If you have a history of Cold Sores, take you prescribed medications 24 hours prior treatment. 

Do not have any alcohol 24 hours before and after your treatment to avoid extra bruising. 

Arrive to the office with a clean face. Don’t wear any makeup. 

Do not use dermal fillers if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, are allergic to any or it’s ingredients, or suffer from any neurological disorders. 

During treatment:

A topical numbing ointment or through small lidocaine injections may be used to maximize your comfort during the procedure. 

You may experience a mild amount of tender or stringing sensation following injection. 

To ensure a smooth and even correction, your practitioner may massage the area treated, which may cause a temporary, minimal amount of redness to you skin. 

Immediately After Treatment:

Redness, minimal to moderate swelling may be expected. Bruising may also be visible. 

It may b normal to experience some tenderness at the treatment sites that can last for a few hour or days. 

It is common to feel a firmness in treated area the after the first few days and weeks of the treatment. Over time, the area will soften and “settle”, leaving you with a soft natural looking result. 


Apply an ice pack to the area treated (avoiding pressure) as this help reduce swelling and the potential for bruising. 

Do not rub or massage the treated areas for the first few hours and up to 2-3 days. When cleansing your face use gentle, sweeping motions. 

Avoid exercise the day of treatment. 

Avoid aspiring or ibuprofen products for the next few days. 

Avoid alcohol for the next 24 hours. 


101 S. Madison Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

I’m in Miami baby…

Visiting Miami was the best thing that I did on my trip to explore Florida.
I’ve honestly never had the desire to visit Miami, just because I thought it was Vegas on the beach. But turns out, I was wrong and Miami turned out way better than expected.

I had the pleasure of staying at the cutest hotel on the street – The Gale. I truly feel in love with this gorgeous hotel. The fact that this hotel has pretty much everything you want – a rooftop pool & bar, and an Italian restaurant, Dolce, that is absolutely delicious. Not to mention, the rooms were so adorable. It completely matched my aesthetic with in real life and on my Instagram. haha. I got to relax, play, and eat all at The Gale hotel.
Even though The Gale is a block away from the beach, all guests have beach access included in their stay. Like I said, this hotel has everything you’d need.
Plus, all the staff were so friendly and professional and very inviting. Thats one of the things I look at when staying at a hotel, because the staff represent the hotel.
I am coming back to The Gale on my next trip to Miami, hands down. I am already missing everything about my trip!

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To visit The Gale website, click HERE.

The hotel to stay in when in Portland, OR.

I come to Portland every month, if not ever other week. This time I got to stay at the Dossier Hotel in downtown Portland. This place is a gem. As we arrived to Dossier we were greeted by the concierge and were told that Opal (restaurant inside the hotel) is having free ciders for the guests of the hotel. Just a little perk of staying at this hotel because from what I remember they have these kinds of perks every night!
The location of this hotel is walking distance to a lot of great places in the city, the mall is a few blocks away and Stumptown Coffee (my fav) is really close by as well. From my past experiences when staying in downtown, it is SO important that the location of the hotel is in the center of everything. Downtown traffic is no fun, anywhere. So when booking a hotel, I always make sure that its walking distance to the certain places I want to visit. I had a lovely time staying at this hotel, and would definitely come back! Huge thank you to Dossier Hotel for having me!
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Freehand LA

I love weekend trips to LA, getting away from the cold in Seattle to the sunny weather in LA. This time I had a pleasure of staying at Freehand Hotel in downtown LA with my blogger bestie Vicky. This hotel is one of a kind, it is not your ordinary luxe hotel. Every room is unique in its own beautiful way. The rooftop pool is amazing, filled with plants everywhere and pink pool chairs & umbrellas. It’s so relaxing just to sit by the pool, read a book, and dip your toes in the heated pool. Even though your in the busy city, you can still feel relaxed. Also, not to forget the city view from there is just beautiful. If your coming to LA and want to know where to stay, this hotel is in the prime location. It is walking distance to so many cute cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, & shopping stores.


Photography By: MaryRose Richards

Pool Look:
Hat – Sole Society / Dress – Lulus / Shoes – Lulus / Sunnies – PacSun 

Street Look:
Hat – Brixton / Top – PacSun / Skirt – TopShop / Booties – Lulus

Freehand Downtown LA Hotel Address:
416 W. 8TH ST.

little getaway

Hi loves! Recently I visited LA. My home away from home. Even though I was trying to escape the rain from Seattle, I got to catch it in LA the last 2 days of my stay there. I absolutely love visiting new spots to check out in LA. Theres just way too many cute little places there. This time I got to visit this cute Flower + Coffee shop (my dream) in Venice called the Flowery Projects. It is in fact the cutest spot on that street. Anything that has to do with flowers and coffee, I am all there! So it was so nice to discover this place. I always love taking the drive to Malibu, its always so peaceful there. Unlike the rest of LA.
Heres a little glimpse of our trip….

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Wknd in LA

Hi loves! As you may already know I made a quick trip to LA for the weekend. A few of my friends have made there move down tow LA, so I took a quick trip to visit them and obviously, just being back in the LA grounds. My home away from home.
I fit so many activities in just a few days. I made sure I had the time to visit my favorite coffee shops & restaurants.

I am going to be back in LA next week and would love to check out new coffee shop, cafes, restaurants, and just any must see spots! So send me recommendations!


On a Mondaze 


Monday was beautiful in Seattle. Its finally starting to feel like spring here. Weather in March was just the worst here, so I’m praying that April is way better!

I took advantage of this weather and went out to Seattle for a light dinner at one of my favorite cafes – Mr West. This place has the best avocado toast, hands down. If you know me, you know I love, love, LOVE avocado toast. I could eat it all day longgg!

Have a fabulous week babes!

XO, Rosè…