Let’s talk bags…

Hi loves! I hope you all are having a fab week. I am so excited to show off my current favorite bag. If you’ve been following be for a while now you know I’m constantly in all black. It’s just my go-to color and honestly, you can never go wrong with black. So the best part of wearing this bag is that it gives me that pop of color. This bag is an exclusive from Violet Ray. Which is under $100, and if you buy it now there are having 20% off (won’t last long). I think that is a major steal! I’ve gotten SOO much love for this bag. I am so obsessed because it’s such a pretty mauve pink color, and the texture is beautiful – like a leather suede! This bag also comes in gray, which is so cute too. But let me know what you guys think of this bag! How would you style this? Click HERE to check out this bag and all the other cute ones! 

Happy shopping! 

Xoxo, Rosè 🖤

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